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  • Running on Tuesday afternoons in January, at 2 p.m.
  • In the foyer/sanctuary of the church'. 

Class leaders:

  • Irene Fraser, Reiki Specialist.
  • Gary Brandstadt, author of the book 'HEAL THE PAIN - 18 Lessons in Living with Chronic Pain'.

 Copies of the text are available in the JBUC library.  

Call Gary Brandstadt at 250-385-4636 if there are special problems.

We will be working our way through the 15 steps of altering 'Chronic-Pain-Experience', and also discussing 'the 10 Commandments of Pain Management'. 

We will be following the guide of the book 'Heal the Pain' by Gary Brandstadt, which is a recommended text at the Pain Management Clinic of Royal Jubilee Hospital.

The class will be held on Tuesday afternoons in January, at 2 p.m., in the foyer/sanctuary of the church. At the initial session we will be talking about how the brain behaves (the Neuro-biology of Pain Experience). We will start with some basic exercises.

There is a fee of $65, which can be pro-rated or waived.