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Hello Everyone

For those of you who have no idea who I am, let me introduce myself....
My name is Elizabeth Smyth and I live in the North West of England and I'm a Nationally Accredited Lay Preacher, which means most weeks I'm busy leading worship in one of several churches in this area.

Whilst I enjoy what I do, I often find I miss just sitting in church on a Sunday morning and listening to the sermon and prayers. With this in mind, last year, I spent some time looking around the Internet to see if I could find podcasts of church services that I could sit and listen to at home. It's then that I came across your website and I read Karen's latest sermon. It did the trick! I've visited the website again (and again!) ever since. I now find though that I look at everything you good folk have been up too throughout the week and I'm getting quite good at putting faces and names together now. I kind of know who's responsible for what in church life!

I understand now just how important a good church website is as it allows people to be a part of your church community when they are unable to physically visit the church building. You never know just how far your online words and community spirit reach, they even reached me many thousands of miles away!

Over the months I feel I've become a silent, hidden part of your church, kind of an honourary member!!

I must thank Nola for keeping me up to date with general news and for painting a mental picture of James Bay for me, which, I must say sounds beautiful!

All my best wishes to you all. I look forward to seeing more of you online.

Elizabeth gave this World Day of Prayer sermon in Wigan, Great Britain, March 2, 2018.