Welcome to Gifts with Vision for 2021-2022! Gifts with Vision are your opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life—during this Christmas season or any time of year—from the comfort of home, with no packaging or wrapping needed.

LINK: To view on Gifts With Vision Website

This year’s website is full of gifts that make a difference in people’s lives throughout Canada and across the world. We’ve added a new category of gifts this year: gifts to support anti-racism. We’re also including our first ever project with an Indigenous partner in Nunavut.

You’ll also see special online Gifts directly related to challenges surrounding COVID-19. In addition to being able to purchase vaccines for people in the Global South and East, you’ll also be able to help people who have lost work because of the pandemic, as well as supporting our partners across the world who are dealing with the effects of COVID-19 on their communities.