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Good afternoon James Bay United Church,

On Wednesday afternoon as Gordon Miller and I were meeting together at the church, we could hear children in the sancutary playing percussion instruments and then singing.  This is the third Wednesday an after-school children's choir has been meeting in our sanctuary, thanks to a connection Gordon made with a teacher whose dream was to offer a musiclal opportunity to children in our neighbourhood free of charge.  How fine it is when dreams are connected with readily available resources to provide an experience that adds to the goodness of life.  This is just one among a whole number of ways that, already, we are being led by Gordon into relationships with our neighbours.  

Back by popular demand, our Guess Who's Coming to Dinner event is coming soon, Saturday October 14.  We'll have the opportunity over these next 10 days to sign up to be a host to welcome mystery guests from our congregation; or you may perfer to be one of those mystery guests who arrive at the home of a host you won't know until they open the door.  Hosts are encouraged to keep it simple ... the emphasis is on a fun time for all, an opportunity to get to know each other a little better over sharing a meal together.  After supper, we'll all make our way to the church hall for dessert (guests are encouraged to bring along something sweet to share).  I well recall the joy that filled the hall last year as we arrived in, full of stories about the first part of the evening.  Last chance to sign up will be Oct 8.  If you won't be at the church by then and would like to participate, please send me a note in the reply box below.

This coming week we begin our Soulful Wednesday series.  You might think of it as a mid-week Sabbath, offering an opportunity to gather with friends for a meal together, a time of worship, and faith-filled exploration.  The option is there to be part of it all or to join in a particular aspect of the evening's flow.  For those who have signed up for the book group, The Divine Dance is in, and available for picking up from the church office today (Friday) until 2pm; and again on Sunday morning.  Any questions?  Please jot me a note in the reply box below.

Speaking of the Divine Dance, this Sunday we are drawn into the mystery of our connection with people around the world in and through our celebration of World Wide Communion.  I look forward to sharing in this with you.

Grace and Peace, Karen



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