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We're diving into new interviews,  public live events, and more this season.

Things have been moving fast for our team behind the scenes this month. We’re in the process of training a number of storytellers with lived or living experience of homelessness for our upcoming Keeping It Human event and some exciting new video projects that are in the works.

Being out in the community reminds us why we do this work. For too long the widespread stigma attached to homelessness has not only perpetuated discrimination but has obstructed progress in the development of effective policies to address the intersecting crises impacting folks living on the streets or in the margins of our society. To combat this issue, we are providing more opportunities for individuals with lived or living experience of homelessness to share their stories through our community events or video projects.

Keeping It Human was the name of the original workshops The Existence Project offered out of Anawim House. These workshops would bring together people with lived experience, artists, students and community allies to hear someone’s story and then reflect on that story in community. Being in the room when those conversations took place felt transformative for all of us and proved that people can create positive change by simply connecting with each other.

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