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The day is coming very soon now when, in small numbers, we will begin to gather in our sanctuary.  It’s been a long time since many of us have sat down in that beautiful space. 

Because the sanctuary will be our primary gathering place for some time to come, not only for Sunday worship, but for our up-coming video series and small group conversations, for Board meetings, for morning prayer and more, our need is to make the space more flexible. 

You may recall that a year ago, when the building of Fairfield United Church was closing up and coming down, we received a few dozen beautifully upholstered chairs for safekeeping. Little did we know, for such a time as this! Over the next few weeks we will remove the pews from the front section of the sanctuary, thereby creating an open space, freeing us to set these chairs in a variety of configurations, suited to the purpose of each event.

We feel that in making this change we are being careful and mindful of the safety of our congregation and others who use our sanctuary space.

In so many respects, these are new times for all of us, requiring and inviting new ways of being and gathering. Opening up the space may even help open up our imagination to further ways our sanctuary may serve to God’s delight.

Our intention is to put these pews up for sale, recognizing there is a market for them as benches for gardens, porches and entrance-ways.  If you would like to buy one, please contact Bev Tracey at  Know that the long ones can be made into short ones, and Bev will be on hand to help with that too.


Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash