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Singing Our Faith 

It's the one Sunday service I hear people talking about perhaps more than any other ... the Sunday that's devoted to singing the songs that people in the congregation have identified as their touchstone hymns.  A Sunday like that is coming around again, on May 27th.  If you haven't been part of it before, or need a reminder, here's the drill.  

  • Think about a hymn or two that has been a source of strength for you.  
  • Fill out the 'name that tune' form (they'll be available over the next 3 Sundays) or you can simply jot me a note.  
  • On May 27th, each person who has submitted their piece comes prepared to speak briefly about it ... how did it come to be that hymn for you?  [Note:  If having to speak about it would discourage you from suggesting your piece, know that someone will be prepared to share your story about it on your behalf.   We would ask you to write it up.  Know that there's something really beautiful about hearing you, in your own voice, even if speaking 'publicly' isn't on your bucket list!  Trust that you are among friends and we're very much in this together]  

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