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What if we truly are what we eat? In light of World Food Day this week, we’ll be reflecting on the connections between food and faith when we gather this Sunday.

Here’s a “taste” of where we’ll go ... “Food is about the relationships that join us to the earth, fellow creatures, loved ones and guests, and ultimately God. How we eat testifies to whether we value the creatures we live with and depend upon. To eat is to savour and struggle with the mystery of creatureliness. When our eating is mindful, we celebrate the goodness of fields, gardens, forests and watersheds, and the skill of those who can nurture seed and animal life into delicious food. We acknowledge and honour God as the giver of every good and perfect gift. But we also learn to correct our own arrogance, boredom and ingratitude. Eating invites people to develop a deeper appreciation for where they are and who they are with so that their eating can be a sacramental rather than a sacrilegious act.” - Norman Wirzba in his book Food and Faith – a theology of eating.

Rev. Karen Dickey