We understand that Dr Bonnie Henry has declared BC is now moving into Phase 2 with some loosening of restrictions.  She has also suggested that faith groups can begin to gather again.  However, on the advice of the Regional Council of the United Church here in BC and other provinces, we are considered to be in Phase 1 when it comes to reconvening in our church buildings given the size of our meeting spaces, the age of many in our congregation, and the on-going requirements for physical distancing.

For the time being this means

  • we will continue to gather for worship on-line for some time to come
  • the Thrift Shop will remain closed while volunteers stay connected in other ways
  • the support to friends connecting through our Tuesday Morning Drop-in will continue by way of the Patio Pantry
  • the various rental groups will meet as they are able without access to our hall.

As with other organizations and businesses, we too need to develop a plan for re-opening in keeping with public health policies.  We want you to know that the Board is now beginning to work on that plan, knowing that this will take some time and significant attention.  We have been provided with a very helpful guide from the Pacific Regional Council of the United Church.  That document is viewable here, and we encourage you to read it so you can have a sense of the care that is being taken, and the scope of our responsibility as a congregation.

Please stay tuned for further updates from the Board.

We appreciate the challenges many are facing in maintaining relationships through this time.

It is with this --with YOU-- in mind that we continue to look for ways to broaden our reach and be available to one another.   We give thanks for what you are doing to keep a foot in the door as we look forward to the day when we will gather once more to eat and talk, sing and pray, work and play together, and the doors --not just of our buildings but of our hearts-- will swing wide again.

Know that we welcome your ideas and are here to offer support.  Please reach out by jotting a note in the form below that will be delivered directly to our minister, Karen.

Blessings in abundance,

Cheryl Caldwell, Charlotte Caron, Karen Dickey, Terisa Klassen, Suzanne Lawrence,  Doug Lunam, Cheryl Macpherson, Steve Nichol

Please share your thoughts and ideas with us

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