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James Bay United Church has been about a whole number of shifts (at least 12 if you’re counting!) for 3 months now.  Last week, members of the congregation along with other leaders in the neighbourhood met for a 90 minute conversation to imagine what could be some of our next moves within and beyond these shifts we’ve already made. It was a fruitful conversation that generated some exciting possibilities.  Two of those we are already working on:  a new format for Tuesday Night Jazz at the Church (stay tuned for details), and the production of a brief video inviting people to connect with JBUC that will be circulated on social media.  We invite you to see the other possibilities here.

Please note your own internal response as you look at these, and let us know if there’s something that lights you up, to which you could imagine lending your energy.  Our intention is that these ventures be viewed as experiments, trial balloons, which we’ll evaluate in 30 days.