There is a call among us to …

*visit elderly people who are lonely

*to establish groups for 'loners' during the covid crisis- for single adult  males in particular

*to respond to the need for Indigenous solidarity and anti-racism

*for the overhauling of Care Homes to ensure residents are seen as important

*to use art expression and the written word as a tool in response to social and eco-injustice. Artistic and poetic creativity not only informs, but has the ability to tell the story on a deeper, human level that has the potential to inspire change.

*find ways within urban development not to lose the animals that are being pushed out

*to be awake to and explore with others the privilege of being white-bodied

*to have faith in God and to have acceptance. Letting go and letting God.

*to respond the plight of those "in care" as well as their carers who are giving their all in such difficult times.

*to be open once more to healing in myself and in a significant relationship

*to uphold the dignity and well-being of our neighbours living in the surrounding parks, perhaps through the newly forming Social Justice Team

how are you called?

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