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A note from this weeks artist: Karel Rossingh.

Hello Tuesday Night at the Church Jazz fans!

In 2016, Brenda and I bought a Volkswagen Eurovan and set out to drive across the country, something neither of us had done for well over 40 years. The very first morning in the Pierre's Point campground near Salmon Arm, I heard a birdsong and decided to write it down, and continued writing down morning birdsongs throughout the trip.

By the time we got home I had over a dozen, and collected a few more on our property. I had no plans to record, but after I was playing at Hermann's late one Sunday night and parked in the lowest level of the View Street Parkade, I whistled a few notes on the way to the car, and was enthralled by the resonance: it was like a cathedral! I thought: what about getting a grand piano down here and recording the birdsong music?

It all came together in August of 2017, late on a Sunday night, with a Steinway grand from Tom Lee, and I played until 5 am. The result is Birdsong in the Parkade, from which I'll play Tuesday night December 4th at James Bay United. 7 pm.