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We love our new title too! But it needs a catchy subtitle. What are your suggestions? Submit your entry to Gordon communication.jbuc@gmail.com and maybe win a bottle of vino (blessed of course) for your efforts. Winning entry will be announced next Wednesday. 

from living in a van at Beacon Hill to market housing

In March, 2021, your social justice team entered a relationship with an elderly couple living in a van in Beacon Hill Park. Through coffee, breakfast sandwiches, helpful interceders and community partners, we were able to meet with the couple, gain a level of trust -- find, furnish and finance a market rate apartment and help them move in on May 1st.

The road from homelessness and all of it’s hardship to independence and wellbeing is not a straight path. While we continue to be a resource for the couple to draw on when needed, it is encouraging to report that, since July 1st, they have paid their own rent, they take care of all their basic needs independently and are actively working on personal wellness goals. We believe in a housing first model and are living into that through our actions as a community of faith.

the container has arrived

You may know that the old shed (part of the Thrift Shop operations) was deconstructed last week and the wood stacked and saved for future projects or for public sale. While the wood was good, the leaky roof and restricted entrance way made it less than ideal for the Thrift Shop’s storage and outdoor sales requirements. 

TODAY a steel container was placed in the same location and we will experiment with how it could potentially better serve the Thrift Shop’s operations. We are renting the container for the time being. Should it prove successful, plans will be made to purchase our own and have it painted with colours that match and complement our space. 

Many thanks to the Thrift Shop transition team and labourers who helped make this happen.

Canada has enough to make sure everyone has enough

Thanks to Joanne Keelan, our point person with the United Church of Canada’s Guaranteed Livable Income campaign for this update -- you might have noticed a small sign outside our church and some of our social media posts about it. Today you are invited to learn more and to plan to attend the rally on Saturday September 25th at the BC Legislature. 

Important Links: 

Canada's Top Economists Agree: UBI Works