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Calls to Action Scavenger Hunt, November 6. 

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Lots of work is going on behind the scenes for this fun, intergenerational, educational event.   Initiated by a team of people from JBUC, we are joined by organizations and individuals within and beyond James Bay who are passionate about responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action. The event consists of searching out 10 Calls that will be hidden in places in the James Bay neighbourhood that are of significance for Indigenous people.  The hope is that at the end of the day, participants will learn something about the Calls to Action and begin to take action. 

AND here’s something else!   Little did we know when we first envisioned the event that it would at the same time become this incredible journey of discovery on another level. Each week, as part of our Land Acknowledgement, I ask, “What do you know of the land and its inhabitants and their ways before you came to be here?”  It turns out this event is an amazing way to learn more about that.  

Now to bring it all together we’re looking for volunteers … to welcome and send participants off on their search, to receive people at the hiding locations, distribute prizes, and host at the tables where people will sign up to be part of an action team. And of course, there’s the option of joining in the scavenger hunt itself!

To indicate your interest in volunteering, please jot a note to Cory, scavengertrc@gmail.com  our event coordinator.  We’ll be back in touch to talk details.