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My coach said I ran like a girl, and I said if he ran a little faster he could too.                                                          Mia Hamm

Building on the successful conference of 2016, the Society of Friends of St. Ann’s Academy is providing yet another opportunity to explore the gender inequalities of our time. The 3-day event will deliver opportunities to collectively further our knowledge, our visionary capacities and our ability to read, critique, and re-create ourselves and our communities. It will provide a space for dialogue, debate, sharing, active listening, joy, and creativity. We intend to move forward from identifying societal problems to developing ideas and tools needed to implement social change through the central themes of power and transformation.

  • MLA: Hon. Carole James and MLA: Hon. Jinny Sims will deliver keynote speeches that consider how various movements negotiate, claim, and use power.
  • A series of panel discussions will explore gender in efforts of reconciliation, the trades, politics, and the environment. Sonia Furstenau, MLA, Green Party; Fay Blaney, Community Advocate, Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre; ChrYs Tei, Executive Director of the Rainbow Health Co-operative; Lisa Helps, Mayor of Victoria are amongst a range of diverse and dynamic panel members that will participate in discussions.
  • Creative and art-making workshops will build community as we learn with local artists to re-image and re-paint the gendered Canadian landscape.
  • A detailed agenda and registration can be accessed at
  • Further information and link to registration      3 day schedule.