Welcome Sunday Worship at James Bay United Church, Victoria BC. November 6th, 2022

This Sunday, as we continue to make our way in this Season of Creation, we affirm that we are not the only beings! as we open our awareness to the world of animals. What moments might you describe in which you experienced the sacredness of these more-than-human creatures? What would it be to regard animals as ‘neighbours’?

Today's scripture: 
Sunday Bulletin: 

Presider: Rev. Karen Dickey
Music: Jennifer Turner


Our worship each Sunday is intended to be a collective experience, a communal practice.

We might step into whatever is our sanctuary, each one of us as individuals, and yet as we assemble, from wherever we are, we become a people, drawn together through song and prayer, through word and ritual, and through the Spirit who breathes through it all, through us all.

One and the same Spirit uniting us breathing us into life! Thank you for contributing to our live-streamed church:


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