This Sunday, as we gather around stories of being confronted by the Unexpected, we discover the courage that is there in the cave of the heart. The James Bay Community Chorus will join us in lifting our voices in song. And as with each of these Advent Sundays, we’ll be celebrating communion and lighting another of our Advent candles ... so if you happen to be joining online, please, take a moment to gather up all you need to participate in the fullest way possible. See you there!

Rev. Karen Dickey

Lighting the Peace Candle We continue with one of our Advent practices this Sunday as we light the second of the candles in the Advent Wreath, the Peace candle. This week our candle lighting practice gives us pause to contemplate the ways we make a move from fear to courage, from division to wholeness, from conflict to peace, for Risking Ways of Peace is one of the paths by which we make way for new possibilities to emerge and welcome Love’s way to be born in the world. So that once again this week our candle lighting ritual gathers up a number of our voices, I invite you to jot me a brief note (email to: before Sunday morning, finishing this sentence: I risk ways of Peace when I ______________.

Today's scriptures:

Sunday Bulletin:

Presider: Rev. Karen Dickey
Music: Christine Chepyha, James Bay Community Chorus