Here we are arriving into the last week of Advent, already! ... all ready?? This Sunday young Mary takes centre stage with her song. It’s not exactly a lullaby to her baby, but a rousing freedom song painting a picture of a world turned on its head, right side up, in and through the life of this child she will bring into the world. I wonder what song comes to you about the world made right? And what it feels like to let the goodness of it rise from the centre of your being ... to feel the promise of it growing in you? 

Once again we’ll be celebrating communion and lighting the last of our Advent candles ... so if you happen to be joining online, please, take a moment to gather up all you need to participate in the fullest way possible. See you there!

Rev. Karen Dickey

Lighting the LOVE Candle This Sunday we light the fourth of the candles in the Advent Wreath, the LOVE candle. Responding to Love is one of the paths by which we make way for new possibilities to emerge. While we may be more familiar, and perhaps more at home with the call to love one another, connecting with the Love that loves us is so much a part of what enables our loving!

Our practice this week encourages us to turn toward or to rest in the gaze of the Love that will not let us go, and to notice what happens. Each week so far, it has been a gift to hear each other’s voice in our candle lighting ritual. So once again this week, I invite you to jot me a brief note (to before Sunday morning, finishing this sentence: I open to love when ___________________.

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Presider: Rev. Karen Dickey
Music: Jennifer Turner