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Sunday July 21, 2024

This Sunday we continue our journey with renowned American Rabbi Sharon Brous.  What would it be, she wonders, if “we train our hearts to see even the people others might render invisible.”  What would it be for us to imagine a world in which “we recognize that we — images of the Divine — are all bound up in the bond of life with one another.

Also This Sunday we will celebrate Holy Communion (learn more)

Remember, regardless of where your sanctuary is on Sunday, to have a piece of bread (or whatever is handy) and a cup of blessing ready for Holy Communion. 

Music: Gordon Miller
Presider: Rev. Greg Powell
Lighting the Christ Candle: Deborah Davis
Scripture: Matthew 25: 31-40 
Scripture Reader: Charlotte Caron
Reflection reader: Carol Yanisch

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Update on Masking for Sunday Morning Worship

As we continue to discern what is the best masking practice at any given moment, for this next stretch of time we are lifting our requirement for masking during Sunday morning worship.  However, if you are feeling more comfortable to continue wearing a mask, you are most welcome to do so. And as always, if you are feeling unwell, please enjoy worshipping from home via our very fine streamed services.

Attending In Person?

Sunday service is also live-streamed from the sanctuary at 10:15am Sunday morning. Please participate, live on YouTube.  The platform has the option for you to add your comments, prayers and concerns in the live chat window. You may also choose to write your prayers down, speak them aloud during the service, or send your prayer requests to us via email. Arrive at 10:15am to greet each other, then the service will begin right at 10:30am.


Our worship each Sunday is intended to be a collective experience, a communal practice.

We might step into whatever is our sanctuary, each one of us as individuals, and yet as we assemble, from wherever we are, we become a people, drawn together through song and prayer, through word and ritual, and through the Spirit who breathes through it all, through us all.

One and the same Spirit uniting us breathing us into life!

Last Week's Service: 

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