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The Message: Suzanne Lawrence 
The Music: Daniel Brandes and Sunday Morning Pick Up Choir
The Assembled: You :-)

Reading: Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

About the IMAGE:

Title: Falling Into Grace Artist: Kristi Ann
Medium: Painting - Mixed / Acrylic On Paper

Description:  This Still Life set up is for the esoteric teachings & beliefs of most cultures ...

"Seeing things thru rose colored glasses" ~ the crystal wand of healing with beads for ceremony & feathers to "take our prayers HOME" ~ the oracle cards for inspiration ~ the candle for Light & Hope (promise of Life) ~ candle drippings radiate from the flame creating texture in the painting as well as collaged images painted into the background ~ a wishbone for Good Luck ~ champagne glasses for toasting to a New Year ~ Dual Face (on the right) for the duality of human consciousness ~ (good/bad..right/wrong...happy/sad...up/down )

The figure falling into the flame " FALLING INTO GRACE "


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