We gratefully receive donations

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am to 12 noon.


If you are well and have gently used and clean donations for our Thrift Shop,
we would love to see you!

  • See our Donation Guidelines for details on items not suitable for our Shop.
  • Come to the side door of our 517 Michigan Street House
  • Accept our smile and gratitude for your generosity. Know you have done a good thing.

We are completely volunteer staffed and we are motivated to find new homes for treasures you no longer need and to offer exciting “finds” to shoppers who visit us each week.

Donations of gently used items are gratefully welcomed, including, but not limited to:
clothes for all genders
kitchen and tableware
small appliances, lamps and mirrors
linens (please be sure they are in excellent condition) notions and craft materials
fashion accessories and jewelry
games, puzzles, books
tools and hardware items (nothing that needs to be hard-wired please)
small furniture (remember, we are a SMALL house)
scrap gold and silver, including silver trophies and inscribed silverware
vintage items, antiques and collectibles
framed artwork
home care aids such as raised toilet seats and bath stools

If you wonder about donating something, please leave a message at the shop.  250-590-0125.

Items not suitable for our Shop or community partners - Some items we cannot sell or even give away.  We ask our donors to recycle or pass along things itemized below.

Please note:  we do not accept electronics of any kind.  Contact Habitat for Humanity ReStore 250-386-7867 or Encorp ReturnIt 250-727-7480. 

We cannot sell items that are: damaged, soiled, rusted, incomplete, excessively worn or in need of repair, as well as:

Large or heavy housewares or building items: Blinds, curtain rods, ceiling fans, large carpets, building materials.  For these items, contact: Habitat for Humanity ReStore 250-386-7867
Large furniture and appliances, bed frames included.  Try:  Used Victoria, Craig’s
List or Facebook Marketplace.
Any hazardous materials:  chemicals, paint, cleaning supplies. Contact Hartland Recycling and Landfill.250-360-3030
Baby and children’s items:  car seats, cribs, playpens, helmets, swings, walkers. Check with your local consignment store.
Books:  sadly, we cannot accept textbooks, Reader’s Digest books, encyclopedias or magazines

Miscellaneous items we cannot sell:  clothes hangers, binders, cassettes, single mugs and glasses, crazed, cracked or chipped dishes, punch bowls and cups, pots and pans with toxic coatings, promotional materials, grocery store cookie tins, medical assistive devices that have been personally fitted (eg crutches, braces or orthotic shoes).

We appreciate your donations and your co-operation!