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This fine example of beautiful needlework has been rescued from storage. It is now hanging on the east stairwell wall. Do you know anything about its history? 


Karen Dickey posted the answer........As for solving of mystery behind the recently surfaced picture of the church building that now hangs in the east stairway ... Dorothie Lindquist gets the prize! Not only that, she knows the artist personally, and even commissioned the work. The artist is Delza (Lakie) Longman who Dorothie met in 1945 at United College. Delza's specialty was teaching Latin. But equally special was her gift for hooking scenes-- as in something along the line of rug hooking, using nylon stockings. Dorothie recalls she never dyed the nylons herself ... she would search out the right colour of stockings til she found them! About 10 years ago, Dorothie gave her a picture of our church building and asked her to create one of her wonders. Delza, now 98 years old, lives in a retirement home in Winnipeg. Many of her creations are hanging around the world ... one of which is in the Parliament buildings in Ottawa. A greeting card is on its way to Delza ... perhaps we'll enclose a photo of her work surrounded by the congregation. Why don't we do that tomorrow? Get out your best smile!