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How can I say what I want to share in only 2 1/2 minutes? One word: Comfort

As a little girl I grew up in a church where I learned to fear God. Coming away with a belief that I was not good enough. Would never be good enough. No-one would be good enough. I grew “out” of Church. Over the years at religious based/biased weddings and funerals my distrust and antipathy to religion was reinforced.

Once in a while I would go and sit in a wee church (doors were able to be unlocked back then) in the small village of Balfour (located in the West Kootenays.) I would FEEL a Presence. Despite my disbelief in Religion, I always knew there was a Presence in my life. In all our lives. A divine energy of the Universe flowing through each of us. Weaving us together in the river of Life. TOGETHER. COMFORT.

I have been searching for Community: a sense of Belonging. Spirit flowing through me. Guiding me. Here. To You. I sit in the choir loft and am blessed to share a smile. Blessed and moved to bear witness to tears and pain. It is here, within your embrace, your support, that I am beginning to FEEL and KNOW the expansiveness of God’s Love. It is here that I just might shed my distress; open my heart to the idea that perhaps Jesus IS. That Jesus loves Me.

We are not meant to do “it” alone! Thank God! and thank you Karen.

Thank you for sharing your journey with me and mine with you. COMFORT.