Each Sunday morning we gather at 10:15 for worship. It’s a “come as you are” event … no need to dress up unless that’s your delight. Together we’re creating a space in which none of us needs to leave any part of our story behind, nor any hurt or hope at the door. It’s about bringing it all to be met by the love and mercy of God. Sunday Morning Worship is the time for us to seek and celebrate God’s presence together. Which means we’re deliberate about being aware of one another.

There are 3 entrances to the sanctuary, including a ramped entrance with a wide double door entrance into the Sanctuary and into the hall downstairs. The ramp is on the west side of the building. Assistive dogs are welcome. There is a washroom near the wide door entrance and accessible washrooms downstairs near the church hall.

You will be welcomed by a Greeter and given a bulletin with an outline of the service. If you need any assistance or information the Greeters are ready to help you. Please sit wherever you prefer.  Hearing devices are available from the Greeters, as well as large text hymn books, hymn books with both music & words, cushions, hand sanitizer & tissues. Connection forms are located on the backs of the pews. You may want to fill one out and drop it in the offering plate or give it to a Greeter as you leave.

We often begin in silence … taking a deep breath or two together … opening up a space for the Spirit of Life to breathe in us.

We take time to greet and bless one another with peace.

We sing songs, ranging from Tom Waits to Isaac Watts. Some of them are personal favourites, and some we’d never choose to sing, were it not for Pam or Percy or Penelope for whom this is the one that “got them through” … so we lend our voices as a way of strengthening each other and our connection with one another.

Together we listen for what the Spirit is saying to us through a passage of scripture that is read and through our reflection upon it.

Sometimes we hear one another’s stories of how grace has shown up in our lives, or what we may be sensing right then and there of the Spirit’s stirring.

We create space to offer the prayers that are already praying in us.

Each service includes a time of gathering up and offering our gifts – they may be gifts of money that finance our ministries, items of food distributed through our Tuesday Morning Outreach, or whatever we recognize are the gifts of our lives that we’re called to share with the world.

We celebrate the sacrament of communion once a month and the four Sundays of Advent and Lent. The table is wide open and the bread is gluten free.

We celebrate baptism on request.

The morning service concludes about 11:30AM and is followed by a time to linger together over tea and coffee in the church hall located downstairs. It is accessible by two indoor staircases as well as a ramped exterior entrance.

We are located just east of the corner of Michigan and Menzies Streets. There is a small parking lot between the church and our Thrift Shop & street parking available. Google estimates it an 8 minute bus ride and 14 minute walk from the Bay Centre.

Please know that you are welcome!

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Karen Dickey