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"news and views beyond the pews" Submitted by Elvira Sentes

What's the News about the New (pre-loved Grand Piano)

- we have committed to it's purchase, with gratitude for the contributors who got us started and encouraged us with their pledges

- our old Grand Piano has been sold for $3,000 (after including delivery and some minor work we will NET $2,500 which goes toward the purchase of the new piano

- sale of our existing Hammond Organ is in process

- we are asking that pledges made in the last year come into the church now in the form of a cheque (with Piano Pledge in the memo line) sometime between now and mid December, so that all the accounting regarding the piano can be finalized before year end. (we will be contacting all of the people who have pledged by email later this week)

- our public campaign to raise awarness and the balance of funds needed, begins in earnest starting with our Tuesday Night Jazz congregation's September 28th 'Baby Shower' for the instrument.
(no water will be involved) 

Drop-in for a celebration of all things piano featuring some of Victoria's most respected piano players and supporting special guests. Doors will open at 4pm with a five-hour extravaganza of incredible music celebrating the world of piano featuring solo sets, trios, a special "piano in the round" session, special groups and some surprise cameos!

LEARN MORE and Mark Your Calendars

This very fine pre-owned instrument will serve the neighbourhood of James Bay for decades to come. It will be a central feature for community concerts of all musical styles and tastes. It will help preside at weddings and celebrations of life and accompany vocalists and choirs of all ages. The addition of this instrument to our community will help bolster the social and spiritual wellbeing of everyone who hears it, plays it, or is accompanied by its rich voice.