This Sunday: Mystical experiences -- I wonder if that’s something you’ve encountered along the way? -- an experience of a “thin place” in the language of the Celtic tradition, where the veil between our physical reality and the spiritual is pulled back or seen through, and there’s an awareness of the More that is part of our world.

What do we do with those experiences? How do we make sense of them, and just as important, how do they make sense of us?  This and more is for our reflection this week as we gather around that story in Matthew’s Gospel where the disciples are up on the mountain with Jesus who, right before their eyes, begins to shine like the sun, accompanied as he is by two of the ancestors.


Presider: Rev. Karen Dickey
Music: Jennifer Turner
Our worship each Sunday is intended to be a collective experience, a communal practice.

We might step into whatever is our sanctuary, each one of us as individuals, and yet as we assemble, from wherever we are, we become a people, drawn together through song and prayer, through word and ritual, and through the Spirit who breathes through it all, through us all.

One and the same Spirit uniting us breathing us into life!

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