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Sunday, June 28th, 2020

The Message: Rev. Karen Dickey
The Music: Daniel Brandes
The Assembled: ALL OF US :-)


Song: Shower your Spirit upon us all

God whose love flows like a river,
Shower your Spirit upon us all.
God whose grace pours downs like summer rain.
Shower your Spirit upon us all.
God whose justice calls like crashing thunder,
Make your ever presence known to us.
Hear our prayer,
Oh hear our prayer.
Shower your Spirit upon us all.

Opening Prayer

We watch this morning 
for the light that the darkness has not overcome.
We watch for the fire that was in the beginning
and burns still in the brilliance of the rising sun.
We watch for the glow of life
that gleams in the growing earth
and glistens in sea and sky.
We watch for your light, O God,
in the eyes of every living creature
in the ever-living flame of our own soul.
If the grace of seeing were ours this day
we would glimpse you in all that lives.
Grant us the grace of seeing this day.
Grant us the grace of seeing. 

Song: MV 174 Soil of God

Scripture: Jeremiah 28: 1-9

Message: Rev. Karen Dickey

Song: The Truth That Sets Us Free

Prayers of the People: Please enter your own prayer requests.

Hymn: Creation of Peace

(Chorus) Come build a land where we altogether 
anointed by God then create peace
where justice shall flow down like waters
and peace like an ever-flowing stream.

We’ll build a land where we bring good tidings
To all the afflicted and those who mourn.
We’ll then give them garlands instead of ashes, 
oh, we’ll build a land where peace is born.


We’ll be a land building up ancient cities,
Raising up devastations from old.
Restoring ruins of generations, 
oh, we’ll be a land of people so bold.


Come build a land where mantles of praises
resound from spirits once faint and once weak.
Where like oaks of righteousness stand her people,
oh, come build the land, my people we seek.


Blessing and sung blessing: MV 212 Sent Out in Jesus' Name

Sent out in Jesus’ name, our hands are ready now
to make the world a place wherein the kingdom comes.
The angels cannot change a world of hurt and pain
into a world of love, of justice and of peace.
The task is ours to do, to set it really free.
O, help us to obey, and carry out your will.

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