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Thank you Suzanne Lawrence, for offering these brief video encounters inviting us to live deeply and truthfully. If you'd like to connect with Suzanne ~ scroll to the bottom of this page to leave a comment or concern. Suzanne has been sharing these wonderful video insights with us since May of 2020. You can watch the entire series at any time on our YouTube Playlist "Take Five With Suzanne".

The Spiritual practice of Quitting

This is my final video of this series. It takes courage to put something down that is so meaningful and rich.  Ultimately, we challenge our own survival as we bravely demote ourselves.  Somehow though, I think God loves a quitter.  Yet, it is uncomfortable to put ourselves in life's waiting room and to trust that in the mysterious unknown, life is always reaching for us. We have only to free our hands to watch them reaching back.  Thank you so very dearly for receiving me over these last months.  You are welcome to email me and let me know how you are as we sit together in this sacred waiting room. 

Heart is where the Home is

We are all seeking home.. the cradle of our own true love. And, we are all afraid....afraid of losing and afraid of not being found. This Valentine's Day let's find our Soulmate in our own heart of Friendship. Let's invite our moral courage to risk it all..... and to finally stop the search. To stop "trying" for a moment and be Home. And..... to find our rest. Love moves and love rests... Rest is a Holy word.

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Awakening Awareness; Learning the Skill of Grieving

The body holds our legacy pain and burdens. It holds our unheard sorrows and lamentations of not just our lives, but those of our ancestors. It also holds our joy and gratitude. It holds our love and the legacy gifts that are waiting to be received. In the "necessary" denial of our bodies and its limitations, we have broken trust, we have forgotten or just misplaced the body's incarnate capacity to transform all of our obstacles to joy and love. The divine gift of Awareness is all that is needed to create, to allow the emergent Spirit to claim this life. Come Home it whispers.......

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Visiting Our Birth

Almost twenty years ago now, I submitted my master’s thesis for my Theology degree. The thesis is called “The Abandoned Crucible”. The body, our body, the body of life is our abandoned crucible. In some way we had to abandon our bodies to survive. We adopted the commandment of “Thou Shalt not be Aware”.  This left us suffering in our sense of separation from ourselves and life, suffering in the rejections of our own heart and trying to escape death and vulnerability. Ultimately, we are “homeless”. Will you journey with me? Shall we return to the “Garden” together?  Yes, Let’s.


Questions? Comments? Wonderings?

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