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Never look down on the struggle for life ... your own or anyone else’s
Remember that behind every face is a soul at work.

Pretty much every week over the last year, I have heard these words from Karen and my heart has been touched…..broken open in some small way.
Those words really “landed” for me; I’ve been aware of really hearing something important.  
Many weeks over this past year, I have been privileged to be greeting at the door as folks arrive for worship.  It’s wonderful to see familiar faces, hear news, share a story or just a smile or a hug.  Checking in with those I care about in this place.
One Sunday morning about 6 months ago, I was at the door and shared a hug and a greeting with a friend, and then a visitor appeared in the doorway and …it just happened naturally that we shared a hug as well.  She told me she was visiting Victoria and had been happy to discover our church near her hotel.  I welcomed her.
After the service, I stopped to chat and to invite her for coffee and she shared a bit of her story.
She was newly single and trying on “single travel” for the first time.  She was finding it a bit lonely but loving Victoria and happy she had come….3 weeks, she had stayed.
Then she teared up and said, “But your hug this morning is the first actual human contact I have had in 3 weeks and I realize how much I am missing hugs in my life.  Thank you!”
She left for home that afternoon but the connection we shared has stayed with me.
I find myself praying for her and her new life.
Sometimes I find myself looking at a face…of a neighbour out walking the dog, the checker at the grocery store, a stranger shopping at the Thrift Shop….and I catch myself wondering…..”What is your soul working on today?”  And, if I’m conscious, I add a little prayer of intention for the well being of that soul.
It feels different.  It feels good.  I’m grateful for the invitation each week to
“Remember…….. that behind every face is a soul at work”.


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