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News almost every day from either Canada or other countries in the world report to us about changing climate and disastrous climate emergencies. Climate change and the climate emergency we are all in is on our minds and hearts! How are we as people of faith to respond? How do we as people of faith take action? How do we as people of faith hold the important conversations with people in our communities about this emergency facing all of us?

You are invited to join a short vigil of inclusive respectful reflective and prayerful action on Sunday, November 13th, 3pm - 3:50 pm. 

The Conference of the Parties 27 (aka COP27) is being held in Egypt this year November 6-18th. Leaders of countries, scientists, decision makers from all levels of government, corporate leaders, NGO’s, youth, civil society and faith groups will be there to discuss, negotiate, reason, and witness the proceedings that are tasked with addressing the Climate Emergency. 

People of faith around the world, who will not be at COP27, are planning ways to focus attention on these critical International meetings. A global day of action is called for and a small group here in Victoria is responding to that call. 

This is not a protest or rally but a mindful walk with others in solidarity with those headed to COP27. The vigil will start and end on the front steps of First Met United Church. As we walk slowly together, reflection, silence, prayer and song will focus our hearts and minds on healing Earth and supporting the efforts of all who are working to change everything.

This event is organized by For the Love of Creation Victoria and BC-Yukon KAIROS organizations.