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Connect your JOY with known NEEDS

  • Gardening Group: be part of a team who meet regularly to tend the church gardens and have coffee together - contact Bev Tracey 250-592-5931
  • Lunch makers: join the roster of lunch-makers who feed the grateful Friday Thrift Shop volunteers - contact Aleksa Harkness 250-384-6986
  • Support New Canadians:  through friendship, filling out forms, preparing meals with “strange Canadian foods,” teaching English - contact Bev Tracey 250-592-5931
  • Singers and other musicians: join the choir or be part of a instrumental ensemble - contact Daniel Brandes
  • Sunday morning coffee hour. Join the roster of hosts who set up or provide food, or clean up; each task is more fun with a team of 2! comtact Bev Tracey 250-592-5931.
  • Children’s Ministry: if you have a heart for children, and if exploring faith and life questions lights you up, contact Karen Dickey 250-592-5931
  • H. R. help: We’re looking for people with Human Resources experience who care about the relationship between staff and congregation. Contact Karen Dickey 250 592 5931
  • Neighbourhood connections: if you are eager to be part of connecting with neighbours, discovering possibilities for collaboration and deepening a network of care, contact Gordon Miller
  • Life-Long Learning: if you are looking for opportunities to grow in faith, and would love to dream up events for congregation and neighbourhood - contact Karen Dickey 250 592 5931