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May 15th, 2020 Update:

This past week someone in our neighbourhood, walking by the pantry, was so delighted at the idea, they made a special donation to the church through our website to help stock the shelves.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed.  

Our hope is to keep it going for the foreseeable. And did you know the shelves were also stocked with herb and veggie seeds?  Kathryn Pankowski, Gardening Advocate with the Neighbourhood Association sent us a note to say 200 seed packets (!!) were distributed through the pantry, 150  of which were saved, sorted, and packed here in James Bay.

March 27th, 2020:

Thanks to Rev. Bev Tracey and Rev. Karen Dickey for building and stocking a place for people who have a bit extra to help those who have little. NONperishables, please. Social distancing, please. Take only what you need right now, please. AND blessings to you. Stay safe, reach out if you need help.

Pantry on the Patio

with our regular Tuesday 'outreach' coffee drop-in cancelled we have installed a #pantrylibrary #patiopantry for James Bay folks to care for one another - at a distance.

- Take only what you need right now.
- If you are contributing - NON-perishables are best.
- Remember that the outside of the containers can carry a virus so SAFE practices when you take things home.

God Bless, stay safe, reach out if you need help.

... your friends at James Bay United