While your Search Team has been quiet on the updates front, please rest assured that we've been diligently continuing our work in finding a permanent minister. Leveraging resources available through the United Church of Canada, as well as actively listening and networking for other possibilities, remain our top priorities.

As Rev. Greg Powell enters his second month as Transitional Supply Minister, we're grateful for his invaluable contributions. Notably, he played a pivotal role in welcoming three new members to our team: Zunaira Mustaqeem as Communications Coordinator, Candis Elliot as Office Administrator, and Jackie Cox-Ziegler as Bookkeeper. Together with our dedicated Board, this team is committed to ensuring the smooth operation of JBUC.

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing prayers as we continue the search for the individual who will perfectly complement our community at James Bay United.

Your Search Team: Colleen Adair (Co-Chair), D’Arcy McPherson (Co-Chair), Colleen Nichol, Martin Stewart, Owen McCooey, and Karen Halliday