In December, we had a conversation with the Congregation about what was important to you in our search for a new Minister. I wanted to give you a report back on what we heard.

There was a lot of interest expressed and a good turnout – both downstairs over lunch and on Zoom. We also received emails from those who could not attend with their input. We were heartened by the level of participation and thoughtful comments.

So what did we learn?

How they see the church:

People found us to be friendly, a bit quirky, and welcoming to all who come through our doors. There is a real sense of inclusion and strong community engagement. There is no waiting period for anyone who wants to become involved – if you’re interested, come on down! People said that we’re not just talking about doing social justice, we’re doing it.

What draws them to our church:

- Karen, for who she is as a Minister and as a person

- The richness of the Sunday reflections

- The music feels joyful

- The ability to volunteer and participate in so many areas

- Support for LGBTQ community

- Live streaming and Sunday coffee Zoom

What does Congregation think the priorities are for a Minister:

- Worship and leadership were the two highest, followed by pastoral care

- Administration was the lowest overall

So where are we at now:

We’ve met separately with Karen and Bev to get their input and advice.

The team is drafting the Living Faith Story – which describes what we are about, our values, and our church community.

We’re collecting facts and figures on our demographics and financial position that will go into the document. And we’re working on the new job description.

We are working hard to get these materials finalized soon – they will go to the Board for approval and then to the Congregation for your approval. So stay tuned. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any members of the team – Colleen Nichol, Colleen Adair, Charlotte Caron, Kathleen Date-Macdonald, or Cheryl Caldwell.

Also watch for updates in our weekly newsletter.