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Holodomor Commemoration
Saturday, November 26, 2022 at 5pm, Christ Church Cathedral 
(930 Burdett Avenue, Victoria)

Join in a solemn commemoration of the Holodomor, meaning “death inflicted by starvation,” that occurred in Ukraine in 1932-33 when millions of Ukrainians starved to death in this enforced famine.

Donations will be accepted at the door for the Canada-Ukraine Foundation which delivers humanitarian aid to Ukraine.  #HelpUkraineNow

Holodomor Memorial Day is recognized internationally on the 4th Saturday in November. The Government of Canada, provincial governments including British Columbia in 2018, and cities and municipalities formally acknowledge the Holodomor as a genocide inflicted on the people of Ukraine in 1932-33 by the Russian regime under Stalin.  

Sponsored by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Victoria Branch.