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Good afternoon, James Bay United Church,

Last Call! Over the last 2 weeks we’ve been receiving your “submissions” for the Big Sing on Sunday July 30th when the service that morning will be shaped by the hymns that have particular meaning for people of our congregation. The invitation is to identify one of those touchstone hymns for you ... maybe it holds an association of a powerful event in your life ... maybe it’s the words that, when they are given to you, take you to that place of a deep truth that enlivens or re-orients you, opens up your world and your heart ... maybe it’s the one that brings to mind someone in your life whose faith or way or companionship strengthens you ... maybe it’s the words and the music together that frees you to celebrate with wild abandon the wonder of God or some great Grace in your life. What a morning this will be when all these hymns converge, and the “back stories” get told, for that too will be part of the experience ... not just the singing, but hearing from each other what it is about that piece. If you haven’t sent in your touchstone hymn and still want a chance to do so, we’re a little past the deadline, but grace abounds. Drop me a note by Friday ... if you can’t think of the title, but a phrase comes to mind, feel free to send it along and we’ll do some sleuthing!

The other thing to alert you to is the congregational meeting that will be held on July 23 following the service. Over the last 6 weeks members of the Board have been exploring an opportunity that would have us take some significant steps forward in undertaking our priorities of saying who we are and connecting more widely in the neighbourhood. The Board is eager to convey to you our excitement and engage you in conversation about a plan for a one year contract position. We believe that the Spirit is indeed up to something beautiful here and now in and through our lives. Your participation is important ... July 23rd.
I look forward to SEEing you this Sunday!
Grace and Peace,