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We LOVE that James Bay New Horizons Society is doing this activity.

Wow - Intergenerational listening and conversation ...

Side Effects may include: Feeling happier, having fun, better health, listening skills improved, being heard  TEENS and ELDERS welcome.

Sunday September 29th from 1 to 3
- no cost and there are refreshments.
at: James Bay New Horizons

The Sharing Teens & Elder Project (STEP) is a multi-generational program where teens and elders gather to bridge the generations through conversation. We gather to talk, to listen, and to be heard – striving to increase the mental well-being of all participants, to help decrease social isolation, and to create a safe space where people talk and find their similarities while sharing their experiences. STEP promotes ideas that give rise to happiness, belonging, security, wisdom and the realization that disparate age groups can have genuine fun together.