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Since Margaret Lunam stepped down about a year ago, our greeting team has been doing a great job of their Sunday morning ministry even in the absence of focused leadership. We applaud them all for their work this past year.

The good news today is that Colleen Nichol has enthusiastically agreed to take the tiller and guide the greeter-ship work into new waters. Colleen is looking for new recruits to expand the ranks of our existing team and to also give a well deserved break to greeters who have been doing the task for years.

A training session will be offered on the technical aspects of the job including the dos and don'ts of welcoming newcomers and how to be an integral part of the church's safety plan. This is an important role with lots of personal rewards for doing the work AND the more people we have engaged in this part of the Hospitality Ministry, the less onerous the time commitment. 

Talk to Colleen right away about being a part of the Greeter Team.